About Nola A’s:

n 1927, Henry and Edsel Ford designed the Model A as the predecessor to the iconic Model T. On October 20, 1927 the first Model A rolled of the assembly line. The car was produced until March 1932 making over 4.8 million cars in 4 years. The Model A’s was sold from $385 to $1,400. Forfeit made a wide range of vehicle styles fitting budgets of American people.  40 years later in New Orleans a group of visionary men formed “The New Orleans A’s Chapter of Model A Club of America” to preserve Model A’s as Henry and Edsel designed it. The local chapter is a licensed by the “Model A Ford Club of America” Today members refer to the chapter as Nola A’s.  The chapter has approximately 50 members across Gulf South. Nola A’s meets monthly to arrange outings in our Model A’s. Also, members can pull from other members’ knowledge to help keep their Model A running. We invite Model A owners in Gulf South to join our chapter.

First Model "A" produced
Model "A" Introduction
Nola Model A's